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The Legalities...

In Summary:

  1. Whisperings is 100% artist-owned, and belongs to the artists you hear on the program.
  2. All artists on the program license their original music to Whisperings on a royalty-free basis.
  3. We don't play cover tunes, only original piano music (or arrangements of public domain hymns or Christmas tunes) provided to us royalty-free by the copyright holder.
  4. Artists on Whisperings voluntarily waive any representation by SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC or the RIAA as it relates to having their music played on Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio.
  5. View the license agreement every Whisperings artists signs.

The Details:

Whisperings is owned by the artists you hear on the program. The artists are in charge. The broadcast is operated by the artists, and the artists are directly involved in making the show what it is.

All of the music you hear on Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio is played with the direct permission of the artist/composer and copyright holder. In fact, the only "cover tunes" you'll hear on Whisperings are public domain works (such as Pachelbel's Canon in D). Every other song is an original work, licensed to us royalty-free, for broadcast on this program. For those interested, feel free to read the license agreement every Whisperings artist signs. In this license, artists waive representation by BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, the RIAA or SoundExchange as it relates to having their music played on Whisperings. Why would an artist allow us to play their music royalty-free? Because Whisperings is more than just a radio program, it's a community of piano artists. We play concerts together, trade gigs with each other, exchange ideas and pool our resources. Whisperings is an artist partnership, with the common goal of promoting a particular brand of piano music to an extent never done before. Every artist on the program wants to be on the program and freely contributes their music to this effort. We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Income generated by Whisperings comes in four ways:

  1. CD Sales and Downloads: CD sales and/or paid music downloads come by listeners either clicking on the "Buy" link for a particular song/artist in the music player or, when that's not available, buying via a link in our CD Store or by searching for the artist's CDs on the Internet. In either case, the listener is buying direct from the artist, not Whisperings. Whisperings does not receive income from CD Sales or paid music downloads. The role of Whisperings is to introduce listeners to our artist's music, and then provide a means by which the listener can buy direct from the artist. Whisperings makes NO MONEY from an artists sale of a CD or download.
  2. Donations from listeners: Listeners will sometimes donate funds to help offset the costs of operating this broadcast. Those costs are significant. All donations are rolled back into paying for the costs of operating this broadcast.
  3. Whisperings PureStream Subscriptions: Listeners can subscribe to a more diverse, higher quality version of our program for 30/year. The income generated by subscriptions goes back into covering the costs of operating this broadcast.
  4. Advertising: We don't run many paid ads on-air, but we are always looking for sponsors to help us grow that fit within the context of the program and might appeal to our listeners. For example, ads for piano dealerships, piano products and web sites and other products that seem natural to advertise to a piano-listening audience.

The most important thing to Whisperings and our artists is that people have the opportunity to hear and enjoy their musical creations. Most of our artists get very little, if any, airplay anywhere else. If you haven't noticed, you don't hear much solo piano music on commercial radio. That's why we created this promotional outlet.

If you are a solo piano artist interested in submitting your music for consideration, read this.