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The Mac Desktop App
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With this compact and easy-to-use app you can access your favorite "Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio" music stream from your desktop. No more using browsers and media players to navigate to the Solo Piano Radio website. No more having to search for information about the piano players you love or the music they so beautifully create!


  • The currently playing artist and song are displayed in the status bar thereby freeing up valuable desktop space. Just click on the status bar artist and song title to show and remove the now playingview.
  • You can listen to the free stream or log right in to your commercial-free PureStream account with a paid subscription (PureStream paid subscriptions are sold separately).
  • And with a mere click of the mouse, you can easily change between free stream and PureStream feeds.
  • There are buttons to access the currently playing artist's website, the currently playing artist's iTunes page, and the Whisperings Twitter and Facebook pages where you can easily hookup with like-minded piano music lovers!
  • The sleep timer let's you fall asleep to Whisperings and fades out the music at the last minute sending you peacefully off to dreamland.
  • Just in case you have network issues, the settings page let's you tweak the streams for maximum performance (less jitter and/or timeouts).

Whisperings is a solo piano music broadcast featuring over 200 talented pianists from around the world. It's piano music 24/7, with an emphasis on music that is melodic, peaceful and relaxing. It's wonderful listening whether you need it for background music for the office, something to relieve work stress, for yoga, prayer, massage, dinner music or even a late-night romance.

And while you are listening you can browse the web site to find information on the artists, view concert schedules, buy concert tickets, sign up for the Whisperings mailing list and more. Or you can jump to iTunes where you can purchase and download the music you hear on Whisperings.

Tune into Whisperings for music that will quiet your busy, noisy world. 

Get the application right here from the Apple iTunes store for $4.99.

Questions? If you have any general questions about the applications, feel free to forward them to David Nevue at . For Technical support for this app, please contact Ken Roy at

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