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January 18th/19th, 2020
The Piano Haven Concert Series

Orange County, CA
Featuring TEN Whisperings Artists over TWO days...
Saturday, January 18th, 7:00 PM - David Nevue, Michele McLaughlin, Joe Bongiorno, Matthew Mayer & Joe Yamada
Sunday, January 19th, 3:00 PM - Joseph Akins, Scott D. Davis, Doug Hammer, Michael Martinez & Steve Rivera
Kim's Piano, 10200 Beach Blvd., Stanton CA
Ticket Information:
Tickets are $30 for one event, $50 for BOTH. Get Complete Details HERE or click on the poster image below!

Whisperings Concert Two-Piano "Finale" featuring, from left to Right, David Lanz (sitting), Greg Maroney (playing), Stanton Lanier (playing) and David Nevue (standing far right). What starts out with one pianist at one piano soon becomes four pianists on two pianos and then, finally, all four pianists playing eight hands on one piano. This photo taken at the Whisperings concert at PianoWorks in Duluth, GA. Photo by Eddie Oliver.