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Request Whisperings on SiriusXM Satellite Radio...

How would you like a Whisperings channel on your SiriusXM? Well, we'd love to be there! We have been trying to get Whisperings on satellite for several years now, but it hasn't happened yet. You can help! Just contact them as both a satellite radio customer and as a fan of Whisperings, and request they add us to their channel lineup. Here's what to do...

Sirius Satellite Radio

Put in a written request using the Sirius Feedback Form. Select "SiriusXM Programming" from the Category drop down box. Just send a nice note in your own words expressing that you are a fan of Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio and that you'd love to see a Whisperings channel on Sirius. Then refer them to our broadcast via our web site at www.solopianoradio.com.

Thanks for your support for our broadcast!

David Nevue
Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio