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If you sign up for Whisperings PureStream today, you'll enjoy...

100% Commercial-free

No interruptions at all! Just the music!

More Control Over Your Playlist With Our Custom Player

If you tune in via our "customized" web site player, you can skip songs, repeat songs and even mark favorite songs and artists so they play more often. You can even remove songs you don't want to hear again from your playlist so they don't play again! In this way, you can personalize the playlist to your own musical tastes. Note: The "customization" features are accessible from compatible PC or Mac browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Edge) or via the third-party Whisperings apps for iPhone, iPad and Android (third-party apps are sold separately).

A Much Expanded Playlist

PureStream features SIX TIMES more solo piano songs than the free stream. It's all the same piano artists you know and love, just a larger selection of music from their albums. More songs in rotation means far less repeats!

Purer Sound

The crystal-clear quality of the music on PureStream surpasses the free stream significantly. You *will* hear the difference!

Tune in From Just About Anywhere

Tune in to PureStream from your PC, Mac, phone, tablet, iTunes, Windows Media Player or even WinAmp. PureStream can also be accessed through Sonos, Grace Wireless Radio, Reciva and many other Internet radio devices and portals. If you plan to access PureStream from a third party device (any method other than your PC, Mac, phone or tablet), please check our list of supported devices to make sure yours is compatible (esp. Bose SoundTouch, Amazon Echo users).

Comparing the Free Stream vs. PureStream:

FEATUREThe Free StreamPureStream
Commercials?Ads run about every 15 minutes100% Ad Free! Just the Music!
Playlist SizeA few hundred tracks in rotationTHOUSANDS of tracks in rotation!
Sound QualityBasic LoFi - AM Radio qualityCrystal Clear - CD Quality Sound
Mark Favorite Songs?No.YES!
Skip a Song?No.YES!
Repeat a Song?No.YES!
Remove a Song?No.YES!

We Just KNOW You'll Love it!

And if you don't - if you're unhappy with your subscription for any reason - just contact us at solopianoradio@gmail.com within 10 days to request a refund and we'll refund your payment in full! Once you sign up, you are not "trapped." If you have any technical difficulties, we're here to help.

What's it Cost?...

Just $2.50 Per Month if you sign up for a one year subscription!

-->subscribe now with PayPal (get instant access after payment)

-->subscribe now with Credit Card (allow up to 24 hrs for setup)

Are You Renewing an Existing Subscription?

If so, you can renew your PureStream Subscription here.


If you have a question before you sign up, just contact us at solopianoradio@gmail.com or check our friendly frequently asked questions page.