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Whisperings: Music Submissions and License Agreement

NOTE: After August 31st, 2018, we will no longer be accepting unsolicited submissions from new artists. Starting on September 1st, submissions from new artists will only be accepted via our radio promotion partners (information to be provided here September 1st) . So if you wish to submit unsolicted material to us directly, you must do so prior to September 1st. Read on for current submission info...

Are you a solo piano artist interested in submitting your music for inclusion on the Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio broadcast? If so, it's important that you first understand the VISION behind the Whisperings project.

Whisperings Solo Piano Radio was founded in 2003. It was the first broadcast of its kind to feature solo piano music exclusively. It has been very sucessful and is 100% listener supported. However, Whisperings is designed to be more than just a radio broadcast. It's a community of solo piano artists. An artist-only discussion group is available for networking, advice, idea-sharing, promotional tips and gig-sharing. If your music is included on the broadcast, we encourage you to become an active participant in the community. The more you invest in Whisperings in terms of your time, energy and ideas, the more you will enjoy the benefits of being a part of the Whisperings radio community. Like most anything else, you get out of it what you put into it.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. We only accept album collections, not one-off, stand-alone singles. If you don't yet have an album/CD of solo piano music, wait until you do, then submit your entire project together. This will give us an entire collection of works to pick a few of our favorites from, and it gives us a better idea of who you are as an artist.
  2. Only solo piano work will be considered. If your album includes a small amount of additional instrumentation, that's fine as long the album is mostly solo piano. A good rule of thumb is... the more solo piano music your album contains, the more likely it is we'll use it. It's fair to say that if your CD isn't at least 70% solo piano, we'll probably pass on it for the broadcast. We must be able to promote your album as solo piano, and if we can't reasonably call your album "solo piano," we won't promote it.
  3. Only Peaceful, Relaxing Music Please.... The name of the broadcast is "Whisperings" and the tag line is "Music to Quiet Your World." So by its very definition, the style of music we play is quiet, peaceful and relaxing. If your album is full of thunderous, dynamic passages with lots of pounding and fireworks... we'll pass on it. That's not to say you can't have one or two more dynamic compositions on the album, but the album, in general, should be fairly representative of the name Whisperings.
  4. The album must contain your original piano compositions. Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot play cover tunes, only original music that YOU composed and own the copyright to. We do ocassionally also play public domain works (i.e. Christmas, Traditional and Classical tunes), but we will only include public domain works from an artist who already has original music on the broadcast (so no Christmas/Holiday/Hymn album submissions unless you are already a Whisperings artist). If your album contains two or three cover songs, but the rest of the album is original, we will still consider the album based on those original tracks. The less original music on the CD, the less likely it is we'll use it. Classical pianists... as our emphasis is on contemporary original composition, we are no longer accepting albums that are made up entirely of classical piano works.
  5. Your music must be available somewhere for purchase and/or streaming. If our visitors love your music, they'll want to purchase your CDs and/or downloads or stream more of your music via Spotify, Apple Music or elsewhere. We encourage listeners to do that and so, to that end, your music must be available somewhere for purchase, download and/or streaming. By default, we send "Buy" links to iTunes, Amazon.com or CDBaby.com, but we can direct listeners to your own web site, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple or anywhere else you prefer.
  6. Your recording must SOUND professional. Just about anyone can record a "solo piano" album on their home keyboard these days. While we have nothing against keyboards, Whisperings radio features a rich acoustic piano sound. If your album was recorded on a digital piano, we'll still consider it, but just know that we do prefer a genuine acoustic piano sound and that we will pass on an album if it sounds too digital.
  7. Digital-only releases: Many artists are choosing to forego making CDs these days. We will gladly consider your digital-only album so long as the digital downloads are available for listeners to purchase or download somewhere online. To submit a digital-only album, please burn it to a CD and submit it to us like a regular CD. Then, include a note somewhere in your package specifying that it's a digital-only album and where it's available to purchase and we'll take it from there.
  8. You Must Submit a Physical CD for Consideration, even if the album is a digital-only release. We do not review submissions digitally or via YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music or other digital services. So please, do not email us a link to your files. We keep a physical library of music on hand for archival purposes. Beyond that, your odds of being included on Whisperings are music greater if you send your CD in to us for review. Why? Because we listen to the CDs we receive over and over again, allowing ourselves time to warm up to your music. So if you have confidence in your music and think fits within our format, send in a CD. If your album is a digital only release, that's totally fine, but burn it to a CD and submit it along with the album liner notes in your package.
  9. Submit just one CD of your music to start with. In the past, folks sent us their entire CD catalogs for review. It's a bit overwhelming, especially when many other artists are awaiting their turn for review. Just send us your best (or most recent) album to start with (just one copy) and then in your cover letter let us know you have other albums available. If we want to review more albums for the broadcast, we'll ask.
  10. Please include your contact information with your CD submission. Specifically, an email address and phone number where we can contact you if we have questions.
  11. Review time is typically three to six months, depending on the backlog. We give every album we receive our complete attention, listening a dozen or so times before selecting songs for the broadcast. Please allow us at least three months before you follow up. Don't worry, if we choose your music for the broadcast, we will be in contact with you.
  12. We cannot return your materials. If you submit your album and we choose to pass on it for the broadcast, we cannot return your materials to you. Once we've reviewed an album, if we choose not to use it, the materials are destroyed. (if we choose to use it, it remains in our libarary.) So be sure you do not send a "one of a kind" recording. Make sure you have your own copies.

Reasons We Might Pass On Your Music...

  1. The album ISN'T solo piano. Orchestration or "sounds" are added throughout.
  2. The album doesn't fit our quiet, peaceful format. If you're pounding on the piano, we won't use it.
  3. The album isn't recorded professionally. It sounds like a home recording, the piano is out of tune, or it's a digital piano recording and really sounds like it.
  4. The music isn't melodic. Melody is a big thing for us. If the music rambles on without any real melodic structure, we'll pass.
  5. We are unable to find at least four tracks on the album that fit well within our format.

Ready to Submit Your Music?


First, read and print out this this license agreement. If you agree, sign it and include it in the package with your submission. The agreement is very simple. By signing it...

  • You confirm that you are the *sole* copyright owner for any music that we might include on the program. Whisperings can only play your original compositions - no cover songs. However, we CAN include public domain works, so long as you own the copyright to your particular arrangement.
  • You confirm that as the copyright owner, you give Whisperings permission to broadcast your music ROYALTY FREE in exchange for the promotion we'll provide for your music to our listeners. Why royalty free? That's explained on page one of the license agreement and also here. If you send in your album with the signed license agreement, you are affirming that you do not expect royalty payments of any kind from Whisperings radio.
  • You confirm that you will represent yourself as the licensor of your music to us, and that you are not expecting any other agency (BMI, ASCAP, SOUNDEXCHANGE, the RIAA) to do that for you. In other words, we are asking YOU to give us direct permission to play your music. By signing the license agreement, you are stating that you will represent yourself and that these other organizations cannot collect licensing fees from Whisperings for you.

Second, package up your CD along with a cover letter, contact materials, and the signed license agreement and mail that to:

Whisperings Radio
P.O. Box 116
Junction City OR 97448

We will be in touch if we decide to include your music. Thank you!

The Submissions Review Team
Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio