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See what people are saying about Whisperings

  • Whenever I am having a bad day, and I don’t see how I can possibly get through it, I say to myself "I need my Whisperings,” and the soothing music always makes my day so much better. Thank you!"

  • We cannot tell you how much we have been enjoying the music. We listen to it EVERY day, and it carries us through these weird pandemic months. So thanks!!!

  • I am one of the few people coming in to work every day while our city is on Pandemic Lockdown and this music sure goes a long way as a relaxing alternative to what is happening in our world.

  • LOVE the Purestream - an island of sanity in the midst of chaos.

  • Your station keeps getting better and better.  Great mix!! I just can't turn your station off... keep waiting to hear the next tune!!

  • I listen to you all day while I work... Stay, on the air....you are healing people.

  • What a treasure to discover Solo Piano Radio. I simply cannot get enough of it!

  • I love listening to this radio station while I study. I'm a graduate medical student, and the background ambient piano music is just what I need.

  • Music that touches my soul.

  • I am so in love with this channel that it is the only music I listen to all day, every day... Thank you Thank You Thank You. What a gift.

  • Relaxing, moving, powerful, beautiful. Thank you for making the world a better place.

  • Morning, noon and night....the music soothes my soul and lifts me up. Love it. Thank you David!

    Dick and Randi
  • This is (in my opinion) the greatest music in the world... it's wonderful!

  • After listening to Whisperings for more than a year I finally subscribed to PureStream yesterday and WOW. I can't believe I waited so long...

  • Thank you for Whisperings Radio... I'd go crazy without it!


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  • Whisperings Solo Piano Vol. 1

  • Whisperings Solo Piano Vol. 2

  • Christmas Whisperings Vol. 1

  • Christmas Whisperings Vol. 2

  • 63 Tracks on Four CDs!
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