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The App for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch

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Technically, you don't need anything extra to tune in from the iPhone or iPad. Just point your mobile device browser to solopianoradio.com, launch the player you want (Free Stream or PureStream) and tap the Play button to start the live stream. HOWEVER... mobile device web browsers do not support playlist functionality the same way desktop and laptop browsers do. For PureStream subscribers, this means you are limited to the live feed, which is still commercial-free, but you won't have access to the customizeable playlist functions, like marking favorites, skipping songs and so on. To access these playlist features from a mobile device you'll need the Whisperings app, made and sold by Emphatek Software. The app is highly recommended. You'll note that Emphatek does charge $9.99 for the Whisperings app, however, if you are an active PureStream subscriber who has purchased at least a one year subscription, you can request a rebate to offset the cost of one app purchase. Rebate Details: This rebate offer extends only to the iPhone/iPad and Android apps and is only applicable one-time for your PureStream account (so if you purchase the Android app too, still just one rebate). To claim the rebate for the iPhone/iPad Whisperings app, forward the receipt from the Apple App Store for your app purchase with your rebate request to support@solopianoradio.com, and we'll credit the cost of the app ($9.99 USD) back to your toward your subscription payment method. Note: This same app works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod Touch, so once purchased, you can download, install and use on all your iOS mobile devices.

The Whisperings App for iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/iPod Touch

Find out more and/or purchase the app> right here from the Apple App store.

See Also: Android, Mac Desktop

Questions? View the Whisperings App FAQ. If you have further questions about the application, feel free to contact Ken Roy at kenroy@emphatek.com