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The Whisperings Free Stream:
Common Questions and Problems...

Here are a some reasons you might have difficulty listening to the broadcast on our free stream...

The Sound Skips/Buffers/Starts & Stops While Listening
URL for Wireless/Network Music Players
Ports for Listening
Playlist Not Updating in Windows Media Player
Stop the Clicking Sound
I'm Using Windows Media Player and I'm Not Getting Any Sound
Other Problems

Sound Skipping, Buffering, Starting and Stopping...

If you're experiencing this problem, it means there is insufficient bandwidth available on your network to stream our station. Your network is congested or, possibly, a server somewhere between you and our server is slowing things down. So essentially, there is a data bottleneck somewhere. As our free stream is already at a pretty low bit rate, if you experience this problem, the only thing you can really do is wait and try later. If you're using Whisperings PureStream and experiencing this problem, we do have a lower bit rate version of the subscription stream you can try that will usually solve this issue.

URL for Wireless/Network MP3 Players

Want to listen to our free stream through a wireless player, such as the Roku Soundbridge Network Music Player? The URL you need is: http://www.live365.com/play/pianoradio/listen.pls . An alternative URL you can try is http://pianosolo.streamguys.net/live.m3u (for MP3) or /free/pianosolo64wma.asx for Windows Media Player.

What Ports Does Whisperings Use?

For PureStream for iTunes, we use Port 3120
For PureStream for Windows Media Player, Port 80
For the 56k free stream, we use Port 21388
For the 64k free stream, we use Port 8133

Playlist Not Updating?

If you're tuning in via Windows Media Player and the playlist isn't updating with the current song, email support@solopianoradio.com.

How to I Stop the Clicking Sound?

You may hear a clicking sound every time the launched player refreshes. This is, unfortunately, a side effect of a Windows Explorer navigation "event." There is a setting on your computer that you can disable to solve that.

  1. Go into your Windows Control Panel
  2. Select "Sounds and Audio Devices"
  3. Click the Sounds tab
  4. Under the Program Events list, look for Windows Explorer.
  5. Highlight the "Start Navigation" option and then where it says "Sounds" set it to "None."

Now click on OK several times to close the control panel. The occasional clicking sound should now be gone.

I'm Using Windows Media Player and I'm Not Getting Any Sound

You most likely have Windows Media Player muted either directly or indirectly. There's a button on the bottom of Windows Media Player, just to the left of the volume control. You might click that to see if it's muted.

The other possibility is if you have it muted in your PC volume control settings. This is actually fairly common. Assuming you're using a PC, go to your Windows control panel, bring up your Sounds and Audio Devices options, and then click on the Advanced button on the Volume tab. Make sure you don't have any of the options muted or turned down here, especially the Wave settings.

Any Other Problems...

Contact Support at support@solopianoradio.com.