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Getting Started with PureStream...

There are many ways to tune into Whisperings PureStream. On this page, we'll walk you through all the steps for getting started and tuning in commercial-free...

First Thing...
Recieving the "Welcome to Whisperings PureStream" Email
Setting Up (or Resetting) Your PureStream Password

Log In via...
The Whisperings Web Site
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Android
Apps for Apple TV, Alexa & Roku
Sonos, Bose Soundtouch & Grace Digital Devices
Chromecast & Google Home
Windows Media Player
Other Players, Apps & Devices
What's Playing Now

Recieving the "Welcome to Whisperings PureStream" Email

After signing up, you'll receive a "Welcome to Whisperings PureStream" email. This email contains your username (typically your email address and a "Create Your PureStream Account" link to a secure page where you set your password. If you signed up via PayPal, this email is sent to you immediately after your payment is processed. If you signed up using the credit card option (our own shopping cart system), we need to set up your account manually which we typically do within a few hours. Once set up, we'll send you the email. IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE THIS EMAIL... check your spam folder. Also, there are servers in Europe (most notably gmx.de and web.de servers) that BOUNCE our emails and will not deliver them. In any case, if you do not receive this "Welcome" email, contact support@solopianoradio.com and provide us with an alternate email address and we'll send it there and follow up. Next...

Setting Up Your PureStream Password

Once you receive the "Welcome to Whisperings" email, follow the secure "Create Your PureStream Account" link to set up your password. This link will take you to a page where you'll enter your username (the email address you used to sign up) and the password you want to use. When setting your password, use standard western characters and AVOID using the hashtag (#) ampersand (&) or plus (+) in your password. Those symbols will cause the password to not work in certain players. Confirm your password and submit to set. You can verify your login here to make sure it took. If you enter your login credentials on that password test page and the prompt pops back up, you know that what you're entering for username and password doesn't match what the server is expecting. Keep in mind, your username and password are both CASE SENSITIVE.

If You Need to Reset Your Password at Any Time...

You can reset your password here. Enter your account username (usually the email address you signed up with) in that secure page and a password reset email will be sent to you. If you do not receive the password reset email, see the comments about email in the Recieving the "Welcome to Whisperings PureStream" Email section above.

All the Ways to Log In...

The Whisperings Web Site

From our home page at solopianoradio.com, click the blue Login to PureStream button on the right. That will launch the player. Enter your PureStream username and password in the fields provided. Note that below those fields you can check a box to "Save Login" to bypass this screen the next time you log in. There is also a "Customized" box. Check this box (the default) and you'll be logged into our more advanced customized player where you can skip songs, mark your favorites and select other play options. If you don't check this box, you'll login to our basic player for our commercial-free live feed.

Apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Android

Technically, you don't need an app to log in from the iPhone, iPad or Android phones and tablets). You can just point your device browser to solopianoradio.com, launch the PureStream player and log in. HOWEVER... mobile web browsers do not support playlist functionality in the same way desktop and laptop browsers do, which means the customizeable playlist functions, like skipping songs, marking favorites and so on, are not accessible via mobile. For that reason, we DO recommend you download and install the Whisperings app by Emphatek. While Emphatek does charge for the app, a rebate offer is available to offset the cost of one app purchase, making the app free (after the rebate is applied) for PureStream subscribers. Follow the links below for rebate offer details and limitations.

Here's more info on the Whisperings apps by Emphatek:

Details about the Whisperings iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & iPod Touch app.
Details about the Whisperings Android app.

Apple TV, Alexa & Roku

YES, there are Whisperings specific skills/apps for Apple TV, Alexa and Roku!

For details, see...
the Whisperings Skill for Alexa
the WhisperingsTV app for Apple TV
and the Whisperings App for Roku in our FAQ.

All these apps all support PureStream logins and commercial-free listening. View the Settings page/screen for each up for the option to enter in your PureStream username and password. Remember that your username and password are case sensitive!

Note that the Customized Player features are only available in our web site player or the Whisperings apps above (with the exception of the Roku app). However, you can still tune into the commercial-free PureStream feed with the following devices and players...

Sonos, Bose SoundTouch & Grace Digital Devices

Sonos, Bose Soundtouch and Grace Digital Radio devices are some of the most popular devices listeners use to tune into Whisperings.

To access PureStream from these devices, you'll need to create a Custom Stream URL for your PureStream account - and you'll add this URL directly in your Sonos app, Bose app or Grace Radio portal to directly access the stream. For details on how to do this, read the following in our FAQ...

How to Setup PureStream with Bose SoundTouch
How to Setup PureStream with Sonos
How to Setup PureStream with Grace Digital Radios

Chromecast & Google Home

Connecting to Whisperings from Chromecast or Google Home is a bit of a different beast.

For details, follow these links to our PureStream FAQ listings for Chromecast and Google Home


These instructions assume you have iTunes version 12 or better. Prior versions may vary somewhat from these instructions.

You can open up a stream URL in iTunes by going to the File > Open Stream menu. When you do that, iTunes will prompt you for a stream URL.

For PureStream, you'll need to create a Custom Stream URL for your PureStream account. This secure URL passes your PureStream USERNAME and PASSWORD to the authentication server so you can log in to the commercial-free feed. Once created, insert the stream URL when prompted by iTunes from the File > Open Stream menu.

Once you have opened the stream, you should see "Whisperings PureStream: Solo Piano Radio" bookmarked in your iTunes music library. iTunes buries this bookmark, so to find it, select the dropdown Music option in iTunes, then select Library in the menu that shows up across the top of iTunes (just under the window that shows the Apple icon), then Songs on the left side. You should see the "Whisperings Solo Piano Radio" bookmark listed there. Click on that to start your stream at any future time. Important Note! Typically, the first time you open the streams, iTunes will display the "name" of the stream as (*)secure2 (PureStream). To update this so that it is displayed correctly, right+click the listing while it is playing, select Song Info, then OK and it should refresh and display the name properly from that point forward. Also Note: iTunes only displays the name/artist of the track playing either when you FIRST start the stream or when a NEW SONG starts. Once the song has started, the song/artist info goes away. So... if you want to see what's playing at any given moment, you can either restart the stream or you can view the "what's playing now" popup for PureStream. You can bookmark those in your browser if that's helpful.

Windows Media Player

Still using Windows Media Player, eh? Cool. Old school! You can open up a stream URL in Windows Media Player by going to the File > Open URL menu. When you do that, WMP will prompt you for a stream URL.

For PureStream, you'll need to create a Custom Stream URL for your PureStream account. This secure URL passes your PureStream USERNAME and PASSWORD to the authentication server so you can log in to the commercial-free feed. Once created, insert the stream URL when prompted by WMP from the File > Open URL menu.

WMP may ask you if you want to "display the embedded content." Say yes, as that's the dynamic HTML page for the playlist. Note that, depending on your version of Windows Media Player, you may have to resize the "Now Playing" window or change your "View" to actually see the playlist (select the View > Now Playing menu to see it.) Important: If you don't see the menu options, you probably have your menus in "hide" mode. To change this, start up Windows Media Player, then press CTRL+M which should display your menus along the top of the player. Then you can select the File > Open URL menu to open the stream. Alternatively, just press CTRL+U to open the window that prompts for the stream URL.

Other Players, Apps & Devices

You can open and play the commercial-free PureStream feed in literally dozens of players, apps and devices. The most popular are listed above (probably 90% of listeners tune in using one of the above options.) For a complete list of other players/apps/devices we have been asked about over the years, view this Device List in the PureStream FAQ.

To tune into PureStream on most devices, you'll need to create a Custom Stream URL specifically for your account that sends your PureStream USERNAME and PASSWORD to the authentication server.

Again, refer to our PureStream FAQ for assistance with other devices, apps and players.

What's Playing Now

In the event you're using a player that, for whatever reason, doesn't display what's playing in the live feed, you can view what's playing by following the link below. Keep in mind, this dynamic HTML pages refresh every 60 seconds.

Whisperings PureStream - What's Playing Now?

Any Questions?

View our PureStream FAQ or email support at support@solopianoradio.com.