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If you sign up for Whisperings PureStream today, you'll enjoy...

Commercial-free piano music

No interruptions at all! Just the music!

More control over your playlist

If you tune in via our "customized" web site player, you can skip songs, go back to listen to songs again, and even remove songs you don't like from your playlist. Also, you can mark favorite songs and artists so that your favorites play more frequently. You can tailor the playlist to your own musical taste! These advanced features are also available via the third party Whisperings app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android. (Note: As the Whisperings app is made and sold by a third party, it is *not* included with the subscription. You can still tune in via your mobile device using our free mobile player which offers basic streaming, however.)

A much expanded playlist

PureStream features SIX TIMES more solo piano songs than the free stream. More songs in rotation means far less repeats.

Purer Sound

PureStream sound much BETTER than the free stream. It's a higher quality stream.


Tune in from any computer using our web site player, iTunes, Windows Media Player or even WinAmp. PureStream can also be accessed through Sonos, Squeezebox and many other Internet radio devices. Note: The customization features are only available via our web site player.

We Guarantee You'll Love it!

If you don't, contact us within 10 days to request a refund and we'll refund your payment in full! Once you sign up, you are not "trapped." If you have any technical difficulties, we're here to help.

What's it Cost?...

Just $2.50 Per Month if you sign up for a year subscription!

-->subscribe now with PayPal (get instant access after payment)

-->subscribe now with Credit Card (allow up to 24 hrs for setup)

Are You Renewing an Existing Subscription?

If so, you can renew your PureStream Subscription here.


If you have a question before you sign up, just contact us at support@solopianoradio.com or check our friendly frequently asked questions page.