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Whisperings Solo Piano Vol. 2 

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More Info

Just Released... an album collection featuring many of your favorite Whisperings radio songs!

The Track List

1. "Skagit Valley" by Kendra Logozar
2. "Travels" by Doug Hammer
3. "Believe" by Renee' Michele
4. "The Fisherman's Tale" by Michael Logozar
5. "Light and Shadow" by Philip Wesley
6. "Aurora's Bed" by Gary Girouard
7. "Trance" by Joe Bongiorno
8. "Happily Ever After" by David Nevue
9. "A New Direction" by Amy Janelle
10. "Wonder" by Jeff Smith
11. "The Widow's Waltz" by Tim Glemser
12. "Night Song" by Rhonda Mackert
13. "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by Chad Lawson
14. "The Dream of You" by Tim Neumark
15. "What the Moon Saw" by Brad Jacobsen
16. "Follow the River" by Michael Dulin

Whisperings is Proud to Partner With Kawai Pianos
and Piano Haven Recording Studio!

Kawai Pianos

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